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Manual: 2.4. Testing

Please verify the successfull installation by starting a browser and typing "http://localhost:3000". You should see a login page. This is the user interface. You may login as "admin" with the password "admin". If this login works, the software is correctly installed locally.

To verify that the network setup also works, please reload the page by typing in the IP address of the computer into the same browser, i.e. "http://[IP-address]:3000". If you end up at the same login page, then the network setup also works and you should be able to see the interface from any computer in your office network if you enter the IP-address into any browser. If this does not work, but the previous step worked, then a network setting must be changed. Please contact your IT department for help on this issue.

The installer will also setup a windows service for the interface. If the computer is ever restarted, then the interface will automatically start up together with the boot process of the computer. Thus, the interface will always be accessible when the computer is up and running.

This concludes the software installation.

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